21 February, 2010

14 September, 2009

Smith Street micro-gallery

There's a micro-gallery on Smith Street. Here it is:

27 August, 2009

A random collection of Australia pictures

It has been a long time since I posted anything, so I dug up some pictures from various trips to Australia. Please do let me know what you think. And sorry it's been so long since I posted.

Some mixed Australia pictures

22 February, 2009


Lightning storm somewhere over northern Australia, taken from an A320 between DXB and SYD.

21 February, 2009

More coming - soonish

Just got back from a quick trip to Oz and here are a couple of place-holder pictures until I can put more pictures up:
Brushtail possum in my dad's shed - blurry as I did not use the flash, to save his little eyes when we woke him up

Taken through the fence at my mum's place (note the joey)

Tape around the fire-fighting helicopter landing area for fires that were a precursor to the horrors in Victoria a few weeks later

03 November, 2008

Following the seemingly constant theme of posting pictures many months after they are taken:
Mexico City 200711